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I really cannot remember the first record I bought on the No Future record label, nor can I remember the one which confirmed my decision to collect everything on the label. We're talking of many, many years ago, but I still recall compiling a list of every release with a friend at a petrol station where we both worked part time, scratching our heads trying to complete it.

I lived through this era and became a private collector of general punk material as well as No Future recordings. Consequently, much of my personal collection was purchased at face value whilst the label was in production, although I did cringe at having to pay £2.00 for that "very elusive" Blitzkrieg EP at a record fair. The more obscure items were purchased privately in later years, many of which I was unaware existed until I created this website and attracted dealers and other collectors worldwide.

I am always looking for anything else that I need to add to my collection. However, I have quite an extensive collection, so anything now would be rather obscure.That said, if you have a No Future record not mentioned on this site that is just occupying too much of your space, then I may be interested in buying it. However, I am a private collector, not a dealer. Further, I am not a Mister Moneybags and none of my personal collection is for sale.

The idea of creating this website came to me whilst trawling through the Internet looking for my known wants on No Future in 2001, when I discovered that there was very little information available. I believe that this website is a comprehensive source of information to collectors of Punk and Oi! material, like myself, and will provide them with the knowledge of No Future label and the releases they need to add to their collections. Judging by the prices still being asked, there still seems to be a demand and interest in No Future releases.

I had no connections with the company (nor am I a dealer), and the information provided here has been gained from my personal collection and information passed to me from a variety of sources, which I have to trust is correct.



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