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Coloured Vinyl Pressings

This page lists the No Future releases available on coloured vinyl. The patch of colour alongside each record is a scan of the actual vinyl. I have included two album repressings here as they are quite collectable for historic reasons. I have not included the myriad of repressings made after 2000, nor do I intend to. There is sometimes confusion between red/orange and red/pink, so this may help eliminate such confusion.

Green 12Oi26 Violators - Die With Dignity
(Limited to 200 copies)
Green 12Oi27 Red Alert - There's A Guitar Burning!
Green Punk1 Blitz - Voice Of A Generation
(This is a repress, which includes a bar code, the Cherry Red logo and reference to a CD issue on the back cover. It does not have a lyric inner sleeve)
Green Punk3 Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Pissed And Proud
(Does not have a lyric inner sleeve)
Green Punk4 The Partisans - The Partisans
Red or Orange? Punk4 The Partisans - The Partisans
(This is a repress from around 1998)
Pink or Red? Punk9 V/A - There is No Future
(Limited to 500 copies)

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