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Future Records

Future Records was formed in 1983 as a sister label to No Future, and used as an outlet for more "mainstream" releases. It is not within the scope of this website to cover Future Records in any depth, but if you want to ... here's a start:

7" Singles

FS1 Blitz - New Age / Fatigue
FS2 The Violators - Life On The Red Line / Crossings Of Sangsara
FS3 Blitz - Telecomunication / Teletron
FS4 The Visit - All The Walls / Man-O-War
FS5 Two - Trace Of Red / Regime
FS6 Blitz - Solar / Husk
FS7 Ice The Falling Rain - Life's Illusion / Illusions
FS9 And Also The Trees - Shantell / Wallpaper Dying
FS11 The Wild Flowers - Melt Like Ice / The Chosen Proof

12" Singles/EPs

FS1(12) Blitz - New Age / Fatigue / Bleed (Remix)
12FS3 Blitz - Telecomunication (Different mix) / Teletron / White Man
12FS6 Blitz - Solar (Extended mix) / Husk (Dance mix)
12FS8 Rhythm & Faith - Time To Run / Young Too Young Girl / When The Wind Blows Love Will Die / Illusions
12FS10 Two - Till Five Weeks / Thoughts For B / Waiting For Winter / Untitled
Future 1 V/A - The Invisible Frame (A six-track sampler of previously released tracks)


FL1 Blitz - Second Empire Justice
FL2 Christian Death - Theatre Of Pain
FL3 Two - Dreaming Spires
FL4 And Also The Trees - And Also The Trees (Release Uncertain)

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