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Can You Help?

Are you in a position to help me add to this website? I'm sure that there are a number of things that I do not know about, or at least need confirmation of. If you feel you can help in any way, please contact me.

Label Designs

When I first wrote this website, I thought that all records came with the same label design. However, I have since discovered three releases which are available with different label designs, and there may be more. If you know of another release with a different label to that shown this website, please let me know, providing scans if possible.

Promotional Copies

For which records were promotional copies issued? I know of the Peter & TTB's 'Run Like Hell', but did others exist?

Non-UK Pressings

How many more records were pressed outside the UK? How many foreign releases were not available in the UK (I know of two)?

Acetates and Test Pressings

I am aware of some test pressings, but were any acetates produced? Do you know of any acetates or testpressings that are not included on this site?


Is there anything else not included on this site that you think should be?

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