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Website Update History

This page lists the changes made to the website since June 3rd 2006.

Date Changes
June 3rd 2006 This improved site moves to it's present location.
The biggest change is that there are now much better scans available by clicking on the smaller images.
November 2nd 2006 Added inserts for UK pressings of Oi3 and Oi7.
December 16th 2006 Added the sticker for Blitz - Warriors.
January 24th 2007 Added the cassette release of the Wall's Day Tripper.
April 1st 2007 Added some promotional photos of Blitz and The Violators, as well as an interview with The Partisans.
June 23rd 2007 Added the insert for UK pressing of Oi4.
July 7th 2007 Added the New Zealand pressing of the Blitz Second Empire Justice LP.
October 31st 2007 Added another flyer for Oi15.
January 26th 2008 Amendments to the Blitzkrieg band information.
January 30th 2008 Added the Japanese Sample copy of the Blitz LP to the obscurities page.
March 6th 2008 Added the New Zealand pressing of the Attak Murder In The Subway single.
April 10th 2008 Added flyer for 12Oi26.
April 27th 2008 Added another flyer for the Blitz LP.
Included better pictures of the Spanish pressing of the Blitz LP.
Added Spanish promotional copies of the Blitz LP and Wall 7".
September 11th 2008 Added another flyer for Oi16.
Added the white labelled NZ pressing of the Attak 7".
November 27th 2008 Added the Cherry Red TV Interview with Chris Berry.
January 7th 2009 Added NZ cassettes for the Blitz and Partisans LPs, and also a promo photograph of The Partisans.
May 6th 2009 Added Spanish promotional copy of The Wall LP.
Added magazine interviews with The Partisans and The Violators.
Added an information sheet for The Blood.
February 19th 2010 Added the white labelled NZ pressing of the PTTB 7".
October 10th 2010 Added the Blitz All Out Attack Demonstration copy (not authenticated).
December 17th 2010 Added the Red Alert Test Pressing.
February 5th 2011 Added information sheets for Attak, Rose Of Victory and The Screaming Dead.
February 12th 2011 Added accompanying letter for the PTTB Promo of Run Like Hell.
November 19th 2013 Added the Violators' 12" test pressing, and a second test pressing for the Angels With Dirty Faces compilation.

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